Spraoi Linn with our partners X-Move is Irelands largest and longest established Skate park construction company. Established in 2006, Spraoi Linn has built some of Irelands largest skate parks including Donameade, Blanchardstown, Carrigalin and Wicklow Town Park.
X-Move is at the forefront of design and innovation with Andre Bast being on the EN Standards committee for skate and parkour. For more information visit


SpraoiLinn believes that only through consultation with the client and end user can optimal design be achieved. To date our unique designs have proven very successful with the skaters and local communities alike. Our design team consists of engineers and professional skaters who have vast experience in the designing of skateparks all over the world.


X-Moves product is unique, due to the fact that all the skate elements are constructed in the factory under controlled conditions and delivered to site for installation. The skate park site is excavated, stoned and the concrete foundations are poured prior to the arrival of the skate elements. Upon arrival on site, the elements are off loaded from the trailers and are craned into position. The slab areas are shuttered, the concrete is poured and power floated in one day. This creates a concrete park identical to an in-situ park with the advantage that the quality of the concrete elements can be guaranteed and the construction time is much quicker. Plaza and bowls can be created with this technique. Our high-performance concrete (class C55/67) out performs standard in-situ concrete and guarantees precision and consistent quality throughout.