Delta 32

3,869.00 Ex VAT

The Delta 32 inch Touchtable in a interactive play system with a 32 inch multitouch screen
with 8 different games. Together with the shape of the table and the multiple touchpoints ensure
four children can play together at the same time.

For the age group 6 to 13+ years, IKC studio has developed special touchtable software that
meets their learning and development needs. They can play football against each other in
teams, eat sushi at the bar or go fishing. The 32 inch Touchtable allows up to four
children to play at the same time.

Our interactive play system are:

Easy to clean
Extremely strong and durable
Suitable for several children at the same time
Energy efficient

Included software

Technical specifications
Power supply AC 110-240V ~ 58W
Resolution 1920×1080
Touchscreen Up to 10 touchpoints
Glass type 4mm toughened glass. Surface hardness 7H.