Delta 10

1,399.00 Ex VAT

The Delta 10 inch is a unique, compact play solution that allows you to add play value even when there isn’t a lot of space. The modern, safe and durable housing lets children explore and play freely.

The extra bracket that comes with the Delta 10 inch allows you to mount it on a table or on the wall. This strong bracket is vandalism-proof, ensuring that the iterative screen can be mounted safely. In addition, the delta 10 inch is a mini-computer with a fixed power source, making sure it can be used 24/7.

The Delta 10 inch comes with the Arctic adventures software. This educational and non-violent software is especially developed by the IKC studio and contains 11 games that are suitable for children from the age of 4 to 8+ years old. It is also possible to choose one of our other software options. The Delta 10 inch is energy-efficient and has a power consumption of 20 watts.

Our interactive play systems are:
Easy to clean
Extremely strong and durable
Energy efficient

Available software
Arctic adventures Arcitic adventures or Supermarket or Game train or Galaxy explorers
Power supply 100-240V ~ 1.5A max. 360W
Resolution 1920×1200
Touchscreen Up to 10 touch points
Glass type 4mm toughened glass. Surface hardness 7H.