NEW PRODUCT – HAGs Dennis Inclusive See Saw

HAGs Dennis Inclusive See Saw

This accessible seesaw is truly inclusive with children with a wide range of developmental challenges able to enjoy the thrill of going up
and down, sharing the fun with their friends. The design has many accessibility features, including an adapted seat positioned at
wheelchair height that gives users the space they need to move into it from a seated position. The supportive backrest is sculpted for comfort,
and as an option if required, a five-point harness keeps the user safe and secure.

Meanwhile, handles on the backrest allow parents or carers to operate the seesaw if required. There is also a handle in front of the
seat for users to hold for extra support. The clever design allows for up to three users at once. Children can sit on either side of the
seesaw, with one in the middle. They can then move the structure moved in various ways. The child in the middle can stand up and hold
on to the arched central handrail and sway side to side to create momentum. Alternatively, the children in the seats can use their legs to move
the seesaw or use the central handrail if they have limited strength in their legs.