EZ Dock

Ez Dock

EZ Dock provide a range of low maintenance floating docks including, ezdock sections, gangways pwc ports, ez launch and boat ports for residential and commercial use. These docks are durable and eco-friendly. They are made to withstand harsh weather and not to paint, chip, warp or peel. We supply and maintain sports and leisure infrastructure to County Councils, private clubs and organisation throughout Ireland. For more information visit www.ezdockireland.ie

Ez Dock Sections & Configurations

The EZ-Dock pontoon System can be configured to suit almost any shoreline use. Simply combine the various size pieces available in any order you choose to create a unique swim platform or custom designed marina or boat dock.


EZ Dock offers a variety of gangway options manufactured with the same technology and quality of their docks to provide you with easy and safe access to your dock. They are durable and modular in design and offer the same level of versatility as the docks. Gangways are manufactured using aluminium, wood or polyethylene and come with hinged brackets, PVC rollers and safety rails depending on your Dock design, location and individual needs.

EZ Dock Ports

EZ Port Drive-on Dry docking systems are an excellent addition to your dock. As with all our docks, they rise and fall with changing water levels so they help protect craft from damage caused by the wind and waves. EZ-Port features adjustable rollers to suit different hull designs, a bulkhead to prevent overshooting, three sided access and they are compatible for use with all EZ-Dock sections, platforms and walkways.

EZ Launch

The EZ-Launch system was developed to allow universal accessibility to the water. It has been designed to allow individuals with disabilities access canoes and Kayaks with incredible ease and greater confidence. It is a very simple system that allows individuals to sit on the transfer bench, slide out and drop down into their craft and use the railings to guide themselves and their craft in and out of the water.

Ez Dock Boat Ports

Keeping your boat high and dry is so simple with EZ Docks drive-on boat ports. These ports are ideal for jet boats and light fishing boats and suit a variety of boat shapes, sizes and hull design. They have been designed to be an easy drive on dry dock and move with changing water levels. There are a variety of sizes and features available to choose from.

EZ Dock Installations