Climbing Wall Rox

Xmove Rock is a multi-purpose play and sports climbing system consisting of reinforced concrete walls. These walls are sculpted to create a visually organic climbing feature designed to suit any environment. The robustness of these walls makes them vandal proof, guaranteeing years of climbing. The varying rock formations available, including narrow cracks and broad chimneys, invite climbers to challenge themselves without the risk of falling rocks. As standard the walls are a maximum 3.0m high and come with a pre-formed foundation base making this stand-alone feature easy and cost effective to install.

When climbing, children, teenagers and even adults can develop neglected human movements and improve many different skills: Strength, Endurance, Mobility Coordination, especially balance and orientation, Concentration, Estimating capabilities As well as providing an excellent climbing opportunity X-Move Rock is a stylistic and an aesthetically pleasing addition to any playground or architectural space. An extra benefit of X-Move Rock is also it’s noise absorption properties. The rough superficial structure absorbs sound which is ideal in areas affected by noise pollution such as skateparks and locations close to loud traffic. For more information visit